1.21 Error Midi same name port Roland Fantom and Fantom 0

the program assigns the same name to the fantom 0 and to the roland fantom (e.g. 8), thus making routing impossible, or rather confusing.

Don’t know what you mean.
In Connections, the first item is the port name that is given by the user. You can double-click and change it there.
When you select a port from a menu somewhere which has no entry in connections yet, you are beeing presented an input dialog that asks you to provide a name for that port “describing what is connected”. If you don’t change it, the hardware port name is suggested and taken as the user port name. That hardware port name is provided by the driver (or system), not VST Live. Then, a new connection is created with that name.

ok !!!
The same name by factory when use GENERIC DRIVE.
If use VENDOR Drive the name port are correct. Tks