1.3.12 Midi editor

These are probably not specific to this release, but here are some midi editor related bugs that I have noticed:

  • Select tool: double clicking an empty space will create a note, which I believe is by design and very useful. Selecting a note, then click & drag will duplicate the note, which I don’t think is intended. Honestly, double-clicking a note should not create a duplicate, only when done over empty space to avoid confusion.
  • Draw tool: the mouse pointer hotspot in the lower zone is set to top (away from the pen tip). It is working correctly in the teardown window.
  • Length expects (incorrectly) end position. Quick example: if the note is placed at and length set to 3, the note length will be correctly set to 3; but if the note is placed at, the length will result in 2 and so on.
  • Note End accepts smaller values than Start, creating negative length notes.

And a couple of wishes:

  • Allow dragging a note to be relative to the mouse movement (instead of snapping the note start at the mouse position)
  • Allow mouse scroll over Start/End/Length; add respective incremental Actions for editing bliss :slight_smile:

… yes, thank you. We’ll return to that one soon.


Hi, @R_E_D,

… done. next update

… done. next update.

… I have difficulat to get that one reproduced. You have tah problem all of the time? Do you have a detailed description for me to dive directly into problem?

Let me tell you what I’ve done to get it reproduced

  1. Start VL, New Project, Select TRACKS
  2. Add MIDI Track and create a clip from 1.1 to 2.1
  3. Load Retrologue
  4. Doubleclic to clip to open MIDI editor
  5. Quantize ist 1/4
  6. Create an Event at 1.1.1, the length it
  7. Change length to
  8. Start Transport

No Problem. it will be played with a length of

  1. Move the event to 1.2

Still no problem. It will be played with a length of

What am I missing?

… done. please try next version.

… you mean to edit the displays Start/End/Length with the mouse wheel? Yes, that’s very important and it’s already high scheduled.


Great to see these resolved, much appreciated!

  • Draw tool: it’s just a matter of placement relative to the cursor. The pen tip is visually pointed down, but the note is created at the top. I just found the same issue with the tracks as well:

  • Length issue: after step 9, select the note and check the Length displayed, it will now show 1.0. If I set the length again, the resulting length will always be shorter (length - position). The visuals may not update, but the value in both the toolbar and the Midi List will:

Great to hear about the mouse wheel edit. It would be -really- nice to have one for the Tempo as well.

The length issue is easier to reproduce if drawing the note at a different location other than 0.1.0, or when changing the length after the note was moved.

… yes, we have found and fixed it. Next Update. But we are still lost in the MIDI editor to find out. Can you please re-try it with the next update, please? Let me know if you still can reproduce it.

… hm, we have no luck. Please re-try that one with the next update again. Maybe it’s already fixed.


Thank you so much for your support,

Thank you for your quick updates! :slight_smile:

Many of the bugs crushed, a few ones that I am still seeing:

  • The note movement is now relative to mouse position, but only when Snap is off. It would be nice if it worked in both modes.
  • Note duplication process: New project > Open Midi List Editor > New MIDI track > Draw a 4 bar segment, double click it > Draw tool, click to add a note > Select tool, click the note once to select it (the note turns black) > Click again and drag the note to a new position, watch the List Editor: the note will be duplicated, but both will move. The note will duplicate each time you move it.
  • Note length (this one is trickier): same process as above (new project), draw a note that is 2 bars long at position 1.2 > Double click Length value without changing it, hit Enter: the note will become 1 bar long. I noticed that sometime this will appear to work properly, keep trying at different positions and watch the list editor for length changes.
  • Drawing an even bar length note (2, 4 bars etc.) at even timeline positions (1.2, 1.4) will create an odd length when Snap is on: eg. 1.3.115 instead of 2.0.0. Drawing at 1.1 or 1.3 is fine. It’s close enough but it may create issues with legato instruments.

It’s possible these last two are related to the same bug. Appreciate it!

Double click in a note with Select tool should erase the note, that is for fast editing and Cubase behaviour.

… thank you. It has been added to the next update,

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Even with Version 1.3.16 it is not possible to easily change the length of existing midi notes. Will this be possible in the future, e.g. by clicking and dragging a midi note on the outer edge?

It is currently very uncomfortable to write Midi because the note length has to be exactly right when creating it.

It would be great if the midi editor will become a bit more “user-friendly” soon.

@PatrickT, it’s all on our list, promised. Just give us some time. We are trying our best to add new features, improvements and bug fixe every week :slight_smile:

Change MIDI-Length, or course, will be ready next!



… it has been added to the next version,