1.3.22. MIDI CCx to SEND level? from/to confusion

Dear @musicullum ,

Do you have any idea what am I missing or using wrong, can’t reach maximum level for SEND
(expecting something like MIDI.0 = -inf., MIDI.100 = 0dB, MIDI.127 = MAX). Should I rather stay with CC-MainVolume or CC-PitchBand?

also just some small adjustment if possible. I’ve forbidden “use mouse-wheel for control” because of the same reason why others asked for. But this way, click+dragging send value is hard (Volume Fader click+drag works correctly)
See what I mean:

regards, F

will check!

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Don’t quite understand what you are doing. Note that your last MIDI event is sent on channel 1, as opposed to all others sent to channel 0. I can create a channel action send 1, learn, and crank it up to +6.02 dB.

that’s then more interesting, as all events are mooving the SEND level. But first let me change all channels the same and try again.
Oh, I think I’ve found my problem:
1st, I shouldn’t try merge MIDI autom in one (and only) MIDI track whether it’s set to “ANY”.

2nd, I have to be careful: drawed line-ramps will get “0” as MIDI ch.

(3rd, mass erasing, or deleting events looks chellenging jet.)

Hi @fkalmus,

Oh! Thank you. It’s fixed now. Next update,

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