1/3rd of a 32nd note?

I am trying to duplicate a retrigger effect from XM tracker format, in Cubase.

In the tracker I’ve got note, then r02, then r0.

This would mean that I need to play the note, then play retrigger it in 2 “ticks.” The duration of a tick isn’t important, but the fact that there are 3 ticks per row is.

Currently, I’ve got a translation of 1 row in the tracker = 1 32nd note in Cubase.

So the question is, how can I play a note that is…umm…1/3rd the length of a 32nd note, and play it on the 2nd 3rd, if we can somehow divide a 32nd note into 3 parts?

Is this some manner of triplet functionality that I am looking for?

I think you are looking for a triplet value to get what you want

You would technically be looking for 1/96, 1/48 or 1/24.

*I may be wrong, you may be right :smiley:

One note of a 1/64 triplet.