1.4.2: Instrument mixer channel randomly loses insert & send settings


I have been experiencing quite annoying bug: Instrument channel loses insert & send settings quite often, seems to be a bug as the slots for those are also missing in GUI when this happens:

If I save the project when this bug occurs, after reloading the insert & send slots are visible again, but they are empty.

Some kind of workaround is now to save the channel setting in mixer view, and when the bug occurs, reloading channel settings restores settings as they were.

Channel where this happens is always used by shared instrument. The anomaly has been present in previous versions also (been using VST Live for about 2 months now).

Since I currently have one big project with 15+ songs and I need to transfer it between PC and Mac, there are many variables that can cause the problem. The project is currently one and only so far I have been working with, so I cant say if it’s a bug in the program or some kind of data corrupt in my project file.
Im trying to solve this out/get more data as I keep working, but as it has grown quite big project file, troubleshooting is quite hard with this.

… does it happen while switching parts?


Anomaly has happened only when I edit the project, I’d say it mostly happens when I add or remove layers, it doesn’t even have to be the same song. And the layers I edit aren’t shared ones either.

Do you use “Save As” frequently? Highly recommended, in case a project file gets corrupted (which luckily we never experienced so far).

You mean inserts disappear from a channel of a different than the current Song, where you are adding or removing Layers? That’s weird. Do you use channel ordering in some specific way?

Yes I do… and to clarify, me either haven’t had any corrupt project files. Just a thought.

Thats true, and these disappear always from same channel (and of course affecting all layers that use same shared instrument). Only way to get rid of the problem is to simply delete the whole song (as long as the shared instrument instance is only used in the song being deleted) and make new one from scratch. Since that I have changed my way in building song setups: I never share instruments between songs, instead I take max out from the multitimbral capabilities of instruments to keep instance count as low as possible.

Edit: Deletion of the song and rebuilding from scratch didn’t help, now the problem occurs in all shared instrument in the new-built song. Next thing I do for testing I start all new project and build the same song into there and we’ll see what happens.

I also keep channels in strict order as I want have “fixed” MIDI controller mappings for things like metronome, band monitor input, personal monitoring etc.

Edit: I also think there are some problems in channel order when transferring project files between PC ↔ Mac, when the platform changes the channels aren’t in order which they were saved on the different platform.

I still have this problem, its very annoying. Almost every time I duplicate (not shared, just a duplicate) a part with certain instrument from song to other song, all the inserts and sends settings are lost from source part instrument track.

Maybe this is related with track order settings, I also have some problems with them. As I load project from save that was saved on different platform (Mac ↔ PC), the channel order is always messed up and I have to check all the songs and reorder the channels as I want them to be (as I want have fixed MIDI controller assingments with channel volumes).

EDIT: By the way, Im also quite confused with some of the song/part/etc edit options: Why there is a duplicate part option, as the same function can be achieved using copy part → paste part? Or am I missing something again?

I managed to find how the inserts & sends disappear; here’s a video capture what is happening:

0:16 - Duplicate part
0:20 - Selected source part that was duplicated
0:23 - Selected duplicated part again - all OK
0:27 - Instrument channel of the duplicated part just disappears - ?
0:30 - selected source part that was duplicated - all OK
0:34 - Selected duplicated part - all returned to OK
0:38 - Instrument channel of the duplicated part disappears again
0:43 - selected source part that was duplicated - all OK
0:47 - Channels get reordered by themselves
0:49 - Selected duplicated part - all returned to OK
0:53 - Channel disappears
0:57 - Deleted the part that was a duplicate
0:58 - Insert & sends have disappeared along with slots in the channel view
1:01 - Only raw vst instrument sound without insert plugins

Seems to me that channel reordering is messing things up a lot.

This might be fixed otherwise, pls check again with the next version. Feel free to re-report should the issue persist, thanks!

This issue has been solved in version 1.4.8
Thank you! :slight_smile: