[1.4.4] Bug and Workflow shortcomings



  • In TRACKS Screen, scrolling over tracks to reach a particular one, moves the faders as the mouse pointer scrolls over the tracks.
  • Adding events in Tempo Track is unworkable.
    • When editing a BPM of an event in Tempo Track (INSP), say at position , after you edit it, it would change the postion of the event to a randomly selected position.


  • Can´t assign a numeric value to the Track Fader (in TRACKS view)
  • Edit position of Lyrics events in the track view would be a nice addition (ex. if you have a VOX track, you could rapidly and visually position the lyrics events)
  • Unless you have a big screen (not typically on laptops), the track visualization area is to small (even with the INSP close). Maybe reducing font size could help.
  • Zooming vertically with the mouse would be a nice addition (ex. Shift -Mouse Scroll Wheel: zooms in and out horizontally)
  • Might be my perception but zooming horizontally in and out in the tracks doesn´t work as smooth as in CUBASE. Maybe it has something to do with the area of the tracks been too small.
  • The events can only be edited in INSP, you cannot select the event in the track view it and move it

Just quickly let me help because it’s implemented already: under preferences, turn off mouse scrolling for fader values :sunglasses: disabled mouse scroll too (similar reason)


Great, thanks for the heads up