[1.4.4] Missing plugins

I have been missing a number of seemingly random VST2 64bit plugins for the past few versions, which used to work. They are showing in the Plug-In Information>Plug-Ins window, and are not listed in the Blocklist - but they don’t show up in the Layer/Insert selector. These plugins work fine in Cubase and other DAWs.

Looking through the VST2Plugins.XML, I noticed that their Compatibility uuids were empty. A few examples are ADSR Sample Manager and AGT2 by Ample Sound, a number of NI plugins (RC24, Vari Comp, VC 160, etc.) as well as plugins by MusicLab (RealGuitar, RealStrat) and Sonivox (EightyEight 2, OrchestralCompanion series). This also affects previous versions of a plugin (e.g. Kontakt 5, 6 missing but Kontakt 7 is fine).

I made a backup of the xml file and erased it. VSTLive created a new file with same results. As a test, I manually set Kontakt 5 Compatibility ID to a slightly different one from Komplete Kontrol and now it’s working fine - so this must be the issue.

I can upload the xml file if needed. I thought about cleaning the user data from the help menu, but I don’t want to lose my presets. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

PS. Likely unrelated, I think the Blocklist is also listing unrelated dlls that are not supposed to be VSTs - for example UAudio plugin runtimes (WebView2Loader.dll and Microsoft.Web.WebView2.Core.dll) are listed as Microsoft and WebView2Loader. The plugins themselves work fine, but those should probably not be there.

Hi @R_E_D, thank you for your investigations. Very interesting. Can you give me your files? Or maybe the complete folder, zipped?

We’ll also check the blocklist topic,

Sure, sent by PM.

Thank you, @R_E_D. But I am not really sure, you need to help me a bit to get the full pictures, please.

Okay, can you give me - for the moment - one name? Instrument, Effect?

… what’s that exactly? Are you talking about the Layer/Instrument Channel in the Mixer? The Inserts? A Plug-In (Effect) is missing here?

… Some VST2 are telling the host that there is a equivalent VST3 Plug-In available. In that case the Compatibilit UUID is filled. Then the Host knows to use the VST3 one and remove the VST2 Plug from the list. So, it’s “okay” if they are empty. Then the Plug does not give a uuid.

I’ve installed “RealStart” and can load a couple of Real Start Plugs.

… what is working fine?

Thank you,

All the plugins on my second paragraph are examples that do not show up anywhere in the UI (Layer, Insert, Mixer, etc.), but show up in the plugin info tool.

Some plugins I have issues with do not have a VST3 counterpart (Kontakt 5). Simply entering a random uuid made it show up (fixed it as in it is now listed, I can load it and works fine), that’s why I guessed this may be related.

Please notice that for the ones that have a VST3 counterpart, the Compatibility uuids in the VST3 xml file are also missing. I don’t know if they are supposed to, or not.

I am shooting in the dark of course, I don’t know how VSTLive is handling this process, I tried to provide as much info as I could gather.

Hi @R_E_D,

I’ve installed “OrchestralCompanionStrings” and installed the x86+x64 Plug-Ins to “F:\VSTPlugins 64 bit\SONiVOX”. Like you do …

And with VST Live 1.4.10 I do not have any problem with that Plug-In. I can see it in the Instrument list

And I can load the Plug-In to a Layer

Can you please delete the following files
C:\Users\MSpork\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64\Vst2Plugins.xml
C:\Users\MSpork\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64\Vst3Plugins.xml

Then start VST Live 1.4.10. VST Live will then scan all plug-ins. Please do not edit the xml files. Just tell me which plug-in are not available and give me (again) the “C:\Users\MSpork\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VST Live_64” folder zipped.

Thank you,

Hi Michael,

I removed the two XML files and ran the application which immediately started scanning. Since it was taking a while, I stepped out for a minute and when I returned, the app was gone. In the event viewer, there was a crash reported with 3 entries (see attached). Started VSTLive and the plugins reported above were still missing.

I thought maybe a particular plugin is giving VSTLive troubles, so I removed the XMLs again, but this time I monitored the files being loaded. Well, this time around the application finished scanning, and now all plugins are accessible. I didn’t make any changes, so I really can’t tell why. Maybe a licensing app needed more time to load on the initial scan?

I don’t know if the crash report is of much help, but I am attaching it here. Thanks!

VSTCrashEventLog.zip (1.7 KB)

Hi @R_E_D,

… excellent news!

… thank you. I see you are working with 1.4.9? Maybe you wanna stay up-to-date with the latest version?
… but the event-logs itself do not give any hints about the crash. Have you checked the folder “C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps”. Maybe a log was saved?

See you,

Just to clarify, this may be of help for other users too:
when scanning plugins, a sort of “crashed flag” is set in the xml file, which is then stored, before opening the plugin. If the plugin crashes, so does VST Live, there is nothing we can do about that. If not, the “crashed flag” is removed from the xml file.

When VST Live is started the next time after the crash, it will realize that the plugin crashed last time it was scanned and ban it to the blocked list (you can reset that in devices/plugin info), and obviously avoid opening it again.

It is well possible that a plugin crashes at one time, but doesn’t the next time it is beeing scanned. If it crashes, it may be a good idea to check the blocklist for such plugins, because when it succeeded and you use a plugin, it is again beeing opened and may crash once more.

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I actually stayed on 1.4.9 on purpose for the first scan, with a plan to try it with the new version later and see if anything would be different. I was kind of hoping to pinpoint the issue.

This crash likely happened during the VST scan, before the application window opened. I checked for crash dumps, but it doesn’t look like it produce one this time, I can find a few older ones (attaching the latest here from Dec 23rd):
VST Live Version 1.4.9 2023.12.23 (1.2 MB)

Also attaching the VST Live_64 folder:
VST Live_64.zip (30.7 KB)

I will keep an eye for any other crashes or issues. Thank you all for helping out.

… a running Kontakt 7 instance has crashed. Does that happen a lot? Can you remember what happened?

See you,