1.4.60 MIDI track problem

I use a single MIDI track to control my lights but it is failing.

All my tracks are set to “go to next song” when they finish, but this also happens if I select a song manually. What I’m finding is that MIDI is not transmitted when I hit play, and I can see this by looking at the track - there is no activity. If I return to zero it all works fine.

Hi @CliveJ,

can you reproduce it with a simple project? That’s what I’ve done to get it reproduced.

  1. Start VL, New Project
  2. Select TRACKS and add MIDI Track
  3. Create Clip from 1.1 to 2.1 and add some notes. Set End Marker at 2.1
  4. Create New Song_2
  5. Create Clip from 1.1 to 2.1 and add some notes. Set End Marker at 2.1
  6. Create New Song_3
  7. Create Clip from 1.1 to 2.1 and add some notes. Set End Marker at 2.1
  8. Select Song_1
  9. Menu / Song / Song Actions : Select "What = Start Next Song, When = Song End Marker, Start at Start Marker = Ticked, “Do This for all Song = Ticked”. Press OK.

Now start Transport. It works as expected. For your? What am I missing?

See you,

Well yes and no. On further investigation the first song in my project works fine, but the rest don’t. It doesn’t matter if I use a song end action or click a song or use a keyboard press to step to next.

But I have found that if I step through all the songs manually and then start at the top again it all works fine.

Project file attached, hopefully you can find something simple.

CJ103024.vlprj.zip (903.4 KB)

Are you aware that “File/Preload Parts” does exactly that?

Always preload is set on but will test that option. If it works then the question is why preload twice?

Not there is a difference with Preload and Preload Parts. the latter starts each Part processing in order to “prime” plugins. Some plugs decide to do initialization when they are called to process audio for the first time, which is bad behaviour, as it may significantly delay processing and cause pops and clicks.

I don’t understand that sentence?
My suggestion was to manually select each Part like “Preload Part” does, just to see if it makes a difference. For that, the auto-preload should be off, of course.

Can’t find anything wrong with your project. Of course, cannot check MIDI transmission w/o the data.
But you might try something: some Songs have the MIDI event in the timeline starting in the middle. What if you extend those to the left, so that they always start at 1.1.0? Just a vague suspicion though.

Ok, I assumed they were the same process - will try that.

Will also try your suggestion about stretching the events back. The events are intended to be start and end of the song - nothing in the middle yet.

@musicullum & @Spork

Gentlemen I turned everything on this morning, didn’t change a thing and it’s working perfectly. I even rebooted everything a number of times to make sure and not a glitch seen or heard.

When problems just go away on their own it makes me feel like a fraud. I am extremely grateful for your suggestions and valuable time.

Will let you know if it happens again - after I have gone though your suggestions, of course.

Many thanks, Clive