1.4.63 - MIDI track shortening "automatically restored" at reopening

When the MIDI clip has MIDI#CC in it

  • shortening from right side (right-clip-handle), before further CC events inside clip.
  • MIDI clip restored at original length, before shortening it

cannot reproduce

  • new
  • create midi event 3-5
  • midi list events at 3, 4, and 4.2
  • save
  • shorten to 3-4
  • save
  • load: all good.
    Would you have an example project which should have shorter event? probably don’t even need the data.

Ohhh, I will try to send to @musicullum . It joked me three times until I fixed it by deleting overlapping CC’s.

Here is a proj, but - to be precise after putting it together to you, problem still exists but - not reaching exactly as last event with this example-file.

Okay, so here is the file and crop back blue MIDI-Autom MIDI track clip to end-marker (where backing track finishing too). Save/reopen. I hope phenomeon will appear.


Thanks, indeed. We’ll check and fix.

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