[1.4.63] New Plugin installed via Steinberg Download Assistant doesn't work with VST Live

When the Expanded Softsynth Plugin for MONTAGE M (which is only downloadable for Yamaha MONTAGE M owners) is activated VST Live crashes. After restart of VST Live the plugin is in the Blocklist

Here is the crash report from macOS
macOs CrashReport.txt.zip (10.6 KB)

FYI, the plugin works perfectly in Cubase.

… Thank you. We’ll check,

Great, thx @Spork

Has this been fixed in version 2? In 1.4.64 it’s still not working.
FYI, the plugin works in Ableton Live, Cubase 12, 13, Logic Pro, MainStage

Hi @Matze_Keys,

can you please check if you are running VST Live in “Rosetta” Mode?
(Menu / VST Live / About VST Live). Is it x86_64 or arm64?

See you,

Hi @Spork ,

quite interesting. Rosetta was not selected. Then I thought it could be the same behavior as with Cubase 12 where you needed to select and deselect it. (https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/4488195658002-Cubase-12-Nuendo-12-Using-the-native-Apple-silicon-version)

So I thought to do the same with VST Live and selected it and deselected it again and that fixed the issue. The plugin didn’t crash anymore.