[1.4.8]. Hi, my 1st Post. Duplicated songs in the setlist

Hi guys, Its my first post and i am loving the software, we are currently using VST Live in our band and so far so good with only a couple of minor setbacks
. I currently have multitrack stems for our backing tracks consisting of an audio click track, Lighting trigger track, Overheads L & R , Kick, Snare, Bass. I also use Layers with a Midi keyboard using a VST Plugin also a layer on each song which changes my Zoom G5N Stomp pedal via program change. We have 2 projection screens running as well as 2 diy 19" monitor wedges for the scrolling lyrics. I am also using TouchOSC to start/stop, next track & previous track which works great with this software. Now to the problem i am having in this version which is Duplicate songs in the set list. sorry to go on a little but i thought i would let you know how great this software is in my experience so far. Thanks.

Hi @Fugiford,

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Could you please give us your *.vlprj to analyse the problem? We don‘t need the media files.


I guess you just want a function to create a duplicate Song when one is already in the Setlist? Next version will provide that option.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I have attached the file that you requested. Thanks for looking into this for me.
Fugitives Tracks All.zip (942.5 KB)

Could it be you are using an old version of VST Live? That bug has been fixed a long time ago.

Goto vstlive.net and get the latest pre-releases version. Open your Project, immediately save it under a new name, load the newly saved Project and check the setlists: duplicates are gone, correct?

It should work that way with the official 1.4 too. I assume you use an older version.

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Hi, that worked, all the duplicates are gone now. I am on version 1.4.1 and i went all the way up to version 1.4 8 but still i had the duplicates. But i did as you suggested and that sorted out. Big thanks.