[1.4.8] Noise Issues when enabling / disabling insert effects

I am trying to replicate the effects of a TC Helicon Voice Live with various vocal plugins in VST Live. For this purpose, I have loaded plugins like Waves Tune Real-Time, Waves Doubler, Waves Harmony, and NI Guitar Rig 6 into the insert effects of a stack. However, when I enable or disable the insert slots automatically while an audio signal is coming in, to have, for example, a doubling effect or a delay only in a specific passage, there is a noticeable crackling sound. This does not happen in Cubase when I turn insert effects on or off via bypass.

For live performance, these noise disturbances would be unacceptable. Is there a solution for this?

We are working on it. Note that Insert Enable/Disable in VST Live is not a bypass function like in Cubase.

Is there a solution for this now?

Unfortunately, there is no solution „in one box“ for this application. Or does anyone have an idea?

Will check. It is more difficult than one may think.
Smooth transition should work when you switch Parts however. Maybe that can do the trick?

Already tried this, the crackling sound also appears when switching Parts. Thanks for looking at the issue.

Hello everyone,

Is there anything new about the problem?

LG Tobias

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The problem also persists in version 2.0.0. Can it be estimated when a solution can be expected?

We are trying to push priority for this.