[1.4.8] Panic changes

In previous versions, when using the default keyboard setting of the ESC key, initiating the Panic action would move the track transport cursor back to the beginning of the track. In this current version, it does not - the cursor remains at the point it was in the track when you initiate the Panic action. Not sure if that was intended or not, but it is probably not ideal in my opinion.

Yes, that is absolutely intented. When we tried to reproduce your panic problem we realized that jumping to the top is not really helpful, so it attempts to continue at the current position. Without audio reset, this shouuld go without hiccup.
You appear to see this differently, can you elaborate?

Sure. A few times we have pressed play on a song & the cursor was moving but no sound was being produced. On other occasions we have pressed play on a song and the track would not start at all. In both situations (before I tried using Panic), my solution was to close the application on the laptop mid-show and re-open it.

Panic had seemed like a great option to reset the audio device & move the track back to the start of the song, however I ran into the weird side issue that my USB controller was also changing the audio device from my audio interface back to the Generic ASIO Driver, which made the sound come out of the laptop & not the audio interface.

As a fallback option, triggering Panic using the laptop ESC button seemed to be a way to allow us to recover mid-show if for some reason the application either would not play a song or played but without sending audio to the interface.

With this change, if we do use ESC to trigger Panic, we would have to go to the previous track & then to the next track, to get back to the start of the song we were trying to play. In my experience, moving between tracks using next & previous has seemed to precede application instability, but of course that is not something I have been able to replicate unless we are on stage.

But if you have other expectations of how Panic might be used, it would be good to know - I may just have misunderstood how it should work.

Will revert to what it did before. Restarting at zero is questionable though? Wondering if that might be counter-productive. Better to full stop and leave that decision to the user, right?

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…I guess it’s much more effort in programming, but what if put it in Preferences/Transport (like chasing midi, dmx events yes/no) what to do by default? I guess it meight even reach 50/50% to users in case of pressing PANIC depending of type of gig.

hate preferences

:smiley: okay, good point, sorry for sugestion! Then my vote would go to STOP and let us decide to start over or continue :smiling_face: