[1.4.8] Same problem as in 1.4.7 with mutes and insert FX for shared layers

See my last reply in https://forums.steinberg.net/t/understanding-shared-layers/884840/11

(Post only created for the 1.4.8 bug reference)

Hi @ChKK,

we improved the situation. Mute, Solo and Audio Volume+Pan of shared Layers are now controllable with the “Preference : Shared Audio Controls Global”. And here are the rules

Mute/Solo and Audio Volume/Pan of shared layers …

  1. … in one part are always synced. No Matter of the Pereference
  2. … in different parts are only synced when “Shared Audio Controls Global” is ON

This means : Shared Layer share one Mixer Audio Channel (Instrument). When “Shared Audio Control Global” is OFF, it is possible to have different settings in different parts for Mute/Solo and Audio Volume/Pan.

Because of one Mixer Audio Channel, the INSERTS will be shared across the parts.

Ready with the next update. See you,