[1.4.9] how to Mute, Solo, Record and Monitor Folder?

I don’t see how to use the new feature “Tracks Folder tracks can control Mute, Solo, Record and Monitor of Sub-Tracks”

Did you make FOLDER Track with sub’s already?
Also if tracks view vertical Zoom is pulling tracks to narrow, fuct btn’s are hided.
Do u have a quick Screenshot about questioned folder track?

Thanks @fkalmus, it was related to vertical zoom… it is not very useful in that way because if we need to zoom out the view… all tracks size are too big because you cannot just ajust one track but all tracks at the same time.

I could be good to have the control also in the left Inspection view, what do you think ?

Did u fold/collapse your folder track to have more space there vertically? (Clicking folder icon of track)
Like in this screenrec:

Personally I wouldn’t put/repeat thoose ctrl-buttons under INSP. but that is just my cent :wink:

Hi @fkalmus and @magicguigui,

we totally agree. The Mute, Solo, Record and Monitor controls of all tracks should be available in the Inspector, too. And the height of the folder track should have the same height as the other controls.

See you,

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