1.5 Audiobus recording..

… now sends the channel meters through the roof.
I’ve tried Jamup and Amplitube in through Audiobus with same results. Records okay, but meters don’t show correct levels. Everything peaks out.

Hello, is there anybody out there…
Could some nice person either confirm or deny that recording into Cubasis via Audiobus (I was using Jamup and Amplitube) sends the channel meter to the roof and it stays there. Am I hallucinating, or doing something dreadfully wrong all of a sudden?
Can anyone put me out of my misery?



I haven’t tryed recording audio though audiobus with 1.5.

But i can tell that when i’m using audiobus with jamup and cubasis, the level out of jamup (on the top right of the lamup screen) in similar to the recording level in cubasis. So I check check my recording level (in particular to prevent peaks) throught jamup and not cubasis.

I’ll tell you more about the channel meter behaviour ASAP

Hello RobBr,

I can confirm that the measurement of the peaks are not correct, while recording via Audio Bus.
I don`t know why this is happening, but we will have an eye on this issue.
Maybe we will be able to fix it with an upcoming update, but I can not make any promises at this point.
At first we need to figure out why this is happening.

I have tested it with:

  • Sinusoid
  • Tiklbox
  • DrumLoops



Thanks for reply, looks like the team have their eye on it now.

Thanks for that. I thought I was doing something wrong… again.
Good to know it may be fixed in an upcoming update (seemed to be fine in 1.4).
I find the meters quite useful to monitor the record level.



thanks for the report. i can confirm the bug and that we will have it fixed in Cubasis 1.6.

Kind regards,