1.67 Missing Scrollbars for Signature-Track

Hi there,
for the signature-tracks and tempo-tracks there is no way to scroll down the list. If there are about 20 changes in the tempo- or signature track, you cannot edit the last ones.
It would be nice if there is a way to edit the tempo-/signature stamps in the timeline.


Pat :slight_smile:

… I am running 1.1.67, what am I missing?

… it’s on the list.


hi, sorry for my late reply, i was busy :slight_smile:

Ok, I did not recognize this scrollbar for Tempotrack, sorry.
But the Scrollbar doesn’t appear in signature track. (1.1.71)
Would you please check this again? :slight_smile:

… fixed and added to the next version,

great, thank you! :metal: