1 License, 2 Authorizations - Will I be able to do one 1-year Offline, and the other 30day?

Understanding that 1 License will give a user two authorizations.

Will I be able to have 1 of those licenses be a 1 year offline authorization, and the other a 30 day?

Also, will the offline authorization system allow itself to be generated from an online computer, then transferred to the offline?

As currently announced, the plan is that if you lock your license to a computer for a year, you will not be able to use online activation, so you will effectively be able to use the software only on one computer. That is our plan, but in fact it’s not actually how the system works at the time of writing, because offline activation is still under development and not yet part of the version of Steinberg Licensing being used by our beta testers.

Taking into account the feedback we’ve had from users over the past five days or so, it’s certainly possible that we might make some changes in this area. We will be sure to communicate the exact way in which offline activation will work as soon as those details are finalised.

I don’t want to instigate another pile-on from the usual suspects, so I will close this thread now, having answered your question.

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