1 Midi Keyboard and 1 midi controller both to the same VSTi

I need send 2 Midi In devices or more to de same Vsti .
One for keys and the other to panel controller.
Is that posible? In Logic is very, very easy…
How to do?

Set the input to All MIDI inputs.

Thanks Steve. Ihave 24 midi input devices in Cubase. Only wants 2 for that device. The others ones have their own target

That’s really not enough info to help you with, and i don’t know how advanced a user you are, so I’ll post this:MIDI Port Setup Page

I used Logic Pro for 30 year making Environment to select for every input source device the midi track target. I think I’m advanced user in midi mater. But Only 1 year in cubase knwoledge. I have read manuals but never found a posibility to send midi messages from a device to other or to other track like sends in audio

How about this?

Use MIDI sends on midi tracks.

Set one midi track input to each of the devices, and use the sends to send the data to the final destination.

Midi Inserts and Midi Sends allow send midi data to Apacheh, Chords, Midi Echo, etc. but all that posibilities lets the midi message inside the same track (Almost I don’t know how to select otrer track destination )

Steve I found it. In Midi Sends unther Apache, Midi Echo, etc there are midi destination. I have no seen before

not midi inserts. midi sends.

I’m interested if you find the Logic Environment easier than using MIDI sends.

Years ago when I used Logic for a short time it exemplified needless complexity as far as simple routing function needs went.

Thanks Steve. Finally working.
Environment from Logic is fantastic… in a experimental way.
But, for every day, it’s more usefull the Cubase midi routing: I left Logic because I have no way to select in a track the midi Device . You have 1 object called SequencerIn with channels thas it’s the only device selectable for the track input. You can select the 1-16 channels but no the devices.
I wait for 25 years a selecctable midi in device in a track. So I left Logic.

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