1 reason to put the ipad where the sun doesn't shine

How dare they , ive just ordered a brand new EMS synthi vcs3 and to find out that “I” crap have just made an app for this piece of history synthesis is damn right shameful .
I have just got of the phone to EMS and this apps IS NOT in any way ,shape or form licensed via EMS so BEWARE .


Are you saying you ordered a real hardware synth? Not sure if you’ve ever tried any of the Ipad synths,but I don’t think anyone seriously acquires hese thinking they’ll get a version equal to hardware. I love my Ipad for some things but the synths I’ve tried are just cute apps that exists in the usual Apple world : far removed from basic access

I have to agree, Mr.M. the synth apps cant compare to a keyboard synth. I use the keys in Cubasis as a lazy way of having access when I am sitting on the sofa with the TV on and half of a headset. While there is some fun stuff coming across, as a limited keyboard user, I get much more from the actual hardware

Aloha guys,

Interesting topic.

Do other non ‘i’ pads/tablets/surfaces/etc
sound any better in this area?

Are any of them (and their apps) ‘pro ready’
either in the studio or live?

It’s hard to beat hardware.

Im saying ive ordered the hardware version and i find if outrageous that a developer has made an app and apple are allowing an non endorsed apps to be sold from their apps store with no permission from EMS and no royality payments . EMS are very tight on their emulated stuff , only AS (analog Solutions ) have been granted a licence for the EMS filters.
Apple need policing ,who the hell do they think they are allowing such thing , i would love to see all the companies that this happens too get together and sue the life out of them .

Interesting that despite having more comments than some other posts on that link you gave, your posting there say’s “Hidden due to low comment rating.”

Oh well , im not trying to be a troll im trying to do what’s right and what’s right is APPLE should not be allowed to sell these apps unless they have proof that they are endorsed buy the original manufacture that they are trying to emulate.
You all say it’s just a toy but what happens when these tablets get more powerful and used more in studio’s to actually produce a commercial track with an unendorsed apps that cost a fiver ???

They already are…
I’m not sure what you have against Ipads, but there are some amazing apps (legitimate) written for it. I’m sure there will be some huge commercial hits produced from an Ipad alone. There are lots of “endorsed” synths, plugins and DAWs that sound amazing…

Im aware of that so why would apple allow an un-endorsed app in their store , im sure you wouldn’t like some major corporation making royalties off of your original invention without your say so and you receive nothing would you ?

Well I agree with you 100 per cent. I wonder what the story is on this. There isn’t enough money in this app for Apple to risk being sued. I really thought each and every emulation that used the products name was licensed.

Im sure they should be when using the apps store but not being an ipad fan I wouldn’t know .
For this fella making the vcs3 apps this could go either way now EMS have been informed , they might get in contact with the developer and put it in for testing and endorse it which I hope happens but it just goes to show how simple it is for someone to use your brand and sell an apps without you even realising something like that existed ,this is where apple need to clamp down and check .
In all honestly this does look like a really good app BUT …

Just wondering…is it possible that those “legal” details had been already signed off on? Seems that in this world of " I’ll sue ya" at the drop of a hat, you think twice without having it approved.

Thanks for that info b,

Guess its now time to look into this tech.

My daughter has an Apple and a Samsung but uses
them only for business

Guess I’ll ask her to d/ld a couple of apps
so I can check them out.

Any suggestions? On either device.

I use an older Blackberry phone. (with buttons)
Any good music/sound apps for that?

From what I understand in cases like this Apple
does not actually sell anything at all.

They just act as an ‘agent’. (God I hate that word)

Vendors sell stuff in the App Store or the Mac App Store or at iTunes
and Apple just takes a percentage of the sale. (30%)

Hi Curteye,

I only question that because … As an iPad Cubasis user, Chrode has frequently stated that Apple has the new "update "But they need to approve it prior to its release and subsequent availability in the App Store. That has typically taken around 1 week?

This info also seems to jive with what I have been hearing
on a bunch o’ developer podcasts.

Looks like selling your app is one experience while updating it/offering ‘in-app’ purchases
etc brings a whole different set of challenges.

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yep off the top too,


Why do yo think they want everything to start going through the app store?


Did I mention, although I love my need and use my Iphone and Ipad, I HATE APPLE!

I have an older Nokia mobile phone. I need to recharge it about once a week.
My wife has now got herself an iPhone. She needs to recharge it every day.
She’s constanly cursing that it doesn’t do what she expects it to or makes her do things in an awkward way.
I tell her it’s perfectly natural - one of the side effects of assimilation - resistance is futile.
She tells me to shut up.