1 - UAD-2 plugins and W7 = CRASH

Hi If I use the UaD-2 plugins , w7 crash !!! any advices?

No problem here using UAD-2…

Wavelab has been crashing for me also when using UAD-2 plugins…

I am using the plugins as clip effects within the audio montage. It does not crash immediately. I can use them for a little while, but eventually, I get a crash after using them for maybe 10 minutes or so - very frustrating. It seems to happen consistently. I notice it mainly when I am clicking the check box to enable/disable them (within the effects tab for clips). I noticed it mainly when using the Precision Maximizer plugin.

I am currently using UAD software 5.9.1. I am downloading v6 now in hopes that it will help with the problem. I am using Wavelab 7.11 (build 550). My computer is running Windows 7 64-bit. Processor is a 6-core (3.46 gHz per core). I have 24GB of RAM installed. Hyperthreading is still on (Cubase seems to run fine with it, so I have been leaving it on).

Can anyone else reproduce? Please help.


So far on UAD V6, no problems… I will post here again if it happens again.