10.0.20 Freezed meters

I installed 0.20 version from scratch, it seems that it works mostly great but very often some of meter freezes, sometimes all of them and only stop and play solve it. Do You have any idea what I can do to avoid this? Previously I worked with 0.0 version, and it seems great only cursor wasnt follow playback, which was very annoying but meters was solid.

Please give me the following info:
What meters?
What sample rate for your files?
What latency setting in the audio connection settings (asio guars)?
What audio device?
What asio block size?

it was Level meter, phasescope and master level meter. ( also masterrig meters in some case) in some cases only one of them, in some cases all of them.
Sample rate 44.1kHz.
Asio guard 10ms
Steinberg UR44
Buffer size: 128samples

It seems that it happens when Im adding/removing new module into MasterRig. ( there is sometimes audio dropout when it happens and then meters are freezed until stop/play)

I think that increase of Asio guard currently helped to remove this error. Only add/remove plugin currently cause some dropout in audio in lenght of asio guard. But its OK for me.