10.0.20 goes silent and can not save.

I have started to ge lot of audio system failing.
It respond to midi, keyboard and mouse etc. But It does not sound. I had similar issues before.
It happen now and then, you go in to audio setup and do a reset. However, this time I does not
reset. Instead cubase hangs. And this one happens after 2^32 samples processed.
So it happen after 27 hours in 44.1 and 6.2 hours @192Khz, 12.4 hours at 96 Khz.

This is on HighSierra (10.13.6) with RME Fireface 802 (driver version 3.36 with fireface and firmware v7).
Im not sure who to blame for this. I think started with .20. But the problem is most likely a RME. However it
is very annoying that cubase hangs on this RME problem. Anyone else with similar setup that works?