10.0.30 crashes afeter installation of update..

After updating Cubase from 10.0.20 to 10.0.30 Cubase crashes. Also no option that helps in safe mode.

Is there a way to roll bach to 10.0.20?
Is there a log file to check?

I am a bit puzzled here. Any ideas?

Mojave 10.5.4 on iMac 2017.


I have the same issue, I am running cubase on a Mac Pro, I recently updated the new versions 10.030 it crashes while scanning, as soon at it hits ARA service quits. I wish I could roll back to my older version.

Same issue here!
10.0.20 working fine. Updated to 10.0.30, Cubase crashes during startup once ARA scan appears. Cannot run the software!
Running a Mac Pro with latest Mojave.

I used Time Machine to go back to 10.0.20 which is again working fine. What’s the problem with the new update?

There are problems with Cubase 10.0.30, see below. Fortunately it’s not a show stopper and I’ve found ways around it. Let’s hope it gets resolved in 10.0.40.

Since the installation of the Cubase 10.0.30 if I do the File | New Project… command via the menu immediately after starting Cubase, the program crashes. The same crash occurs in Safe Mode also.