10.0.30 is awesome :-)

I was a little hesitant with 10 at first… but at this point, I feel confident saying to everyone - jump on board. It’s ready for you… any issues are minor.

This version is amazing, and I’m doing amazing work with it. Wavelab has really evolved into something spectacular… It has had it’s little growing pains over the years, but I love this program. It’s amazing. I love working in it and using it every day. Thanks to PG for all of your efforts. I’m PSYCHED!!! Loving it… Loving making music with it… Thank God for great tools and blessings like this. Enjoy it people - it’s going to be awesome moving forward with tools like these! Now… let’s go do some awesome stuff!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree, +1

I find this version very stable in Windows 10. Works very well.

I finally moved over to v10 this weekend.

I concur - very solid so far!