10.0.40 Mac - Midi editor horizontal zoom centers on cursor


I just realised this started happening in 10.0.40 for me. When in the Midi editor, zooming horizontally (either using the keyboard shortcut or the slider in the lower right corner) centers the screen on the cursor. Zooming using the mouse wheel works normally as before.

Did anyone else see this? Is there a new setting somewhere that causes this, or is this a bug?



Hi and welcome,

It is like this in all Cubase 10.0.x versions and definitely even in Cubase 9.5 (I just double-checked it).

Thanks Martin.
It’s strange I only noticed it now.
Is this the desired behaviour? Seems counterintuitive to me. I find myself having to scroll back all the time when doing this - and I have to reach for my mouse to do that, while the whole point of this feature would be to zoom in/out using keyboard only.


I think, this is intended behaviour.

Ok then :slight_smile: thanks for your help Martin, I appreciate it.