10.0.50 causing CPU spikes & massively increased CPU

I Installed 10.0.50 last night in between working on a project that is using maybe 40% overall CPU. After updating I fired up 10.0.50 and it would barely play - glitching out and halting audio with the CPU hitting the roof.

I have 9.5.5 on my system. I loaded the project into that and all was well.

I uninstalled 10.0.50 and went back to 10.0.40. … All immediately was rectified and the project played perfectly.

I decided to try a reinstall of 10.0.50… exactly the same. CPU hitting the roof with Audio gapping and dropouts. Buffer is set to 1024 by the way on my RME HDSP. Thats not part of the issue.

I Uninstalled 10.0.50 again just now. Back to 10.0.40 and all is fine again.

I’m on the very latest Windows 10 update and the very latest eLicencer update (after 10.0.50 installed an old one one me again).

Very strange. Back to 10.0.40 I suppose

Anyone else?

I just updated last night and loaded some current projects but didn’t encounter any such issues? Sometimes restarting your computer after such an update can do miracles?

System has been restarted 3-4 times within the attempted installs and roll-backs. I imagine theres something about my system thats not playing well with 10.0.50. Where to start though!? I’ll stay at 10.0.40 for the moment.

I have the same problem, I made the update to cubase pro 10.0.50 and I noticed that my CPU has increased by 10%

I have the slowdown too. So I also uninstalled 10.0.50 and went back to 10.0.40. I will report back again in a few days on how it goes.
I described it in the “Issues”-section of the forum: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=286&t=171396#p915611

the same here - old projects massive spikes and slowdown - has to delet update and finish old mixes first :frowning: From 10.02 also still problems with 64bit processing precision (no sound or hang) .

Still waiting for good stable 10 version… - lots of work 2 cubase instances - frustration:(


Hello - long time user but first time frustration ive lost half a day to realiize that this new 10.0.5 slow down/ spikes thinkg (only with old projects). So yes something wrong here. Also from 10.0.2 64bit float Processing Precision seems to generate only problems.

Any comment from Steinberg on this?

Same here, and also it screwed up my sustain pedal to my NI S88 controller

How do I revert back to 10.0.4?

Your actually the first OSX user I’ve seen with the issue. Not sure how to roll back on OSX unless your running Time Machine?

To be honest 10.0.50 runs smoother than other versions of v10 ever did before on my system? But thinking about it? Just before I upgrade I trashed my preferences! Maybe something for you to try? Or at least try to start in save mode and see if this improves things?

For me, 10.0.50 runs at least as smoothly as .40. My experience is that Windows 10 Defender often gets triggered into scanning systems directories after application installs that required local admin rights. So I’ve found that giving that a chance to finish often is necessary.

I’ve got the same problem with almost empty project. ASIO meter spikes from 5% to 100% just playing 3-4 audiotracks.
Deleted Cubase and downloading the full 10.0.50 update 21Gb. If it doesn’t help, I’ll have to find the previous version.
I didn’t get such problems for years already. Wasn’t ready for this.

Win10Pro 1903

I had exactly the same problems with the combination of Cubase 10.0.50 and Ilok 5.1. Additionally Cubase crashed on exit.
When I reverted to the ilok driver 5.0 the problems were gone…

Maybe worth a try.

I don’t know if this helps or not, but when I updated to the latest version of Windows 10, I had all kinds of static and performance issues in Cubase. For some reason my sound card settings had mysteriously changed. I ended up having to install new drivers and new firmware for my sound card, and then putting the settings back to where they were, and all is fine. I installed Cubase 10.0.5 before the Windows update, so I’m not really sure if this is related to the problem that you are having, but I figured I would post this just in case it does help.

I also had issues with Ilok when I updated Windows 10. It took a while for me to update Ilok. I had to reboot several times before it actually worked.

Hi all,

You can see from my sig what my set up is and, I have to say, following the 10.0.50 update my ENTIRE system has been running superbly! I was never pushing my CPU but, if anything, the load seems to have reduced!!
I would also like to make it very clear, I always update when Windows issues them, in fact with all my hardware and software I carry out regular checks and update immediately once they are published.
Another thing is that I frequently check the eLicenser web site because, in all the time I have been using Cubase, I have never been informed of any updates for this important piece of the Cubase set up!!

Having said that I hope you solve your issues soon!!

Jim B

Finally! I’ve found a 10.0.40 update file, so I started from the scratch - installed an early version of full Cubase 10 (I have it in an archive) and then 10.0.40 update - my problem disappeared. So, in my case - random ASIO spikes and audio dropouts were caused by 10.0.50 update.

p.s. I’ve got the latest eLicenser and iLok software.

Downloaded, but holding off on update until this shakes out. :frowning: