10.15.2 CB 10.5.0 beachball lock up scrolling TL

10.15.2 with AMD 5700X
scrolling the TL causes CB 10.5 to beachball for 30 secs, then totally locks up machine. may be actual kernel panic but using PC GPU card I can’t see it. I can look for KP logs or the crash logs. no regular crash report.
had been ok in previous config of 10.13.6 + nV web drivers and Titan X
FWIW. all other apps seems ok. DaVinci Resolve, Logic X, FCP X, other apps that use GPPU

UPDATE : projects created in 10.0.5 work ok, its just this new project created in 10.5.0 that seems to have a problem. I’m going to try creating a clean new project in 10.5.5 and see how it goes.


Did you ever resolve this? I’m having the exact same issue! can’t find anything else about it

update to OS 10.15.6 beta or wait for the release of it. running Cu 10.5.20 which also seemed to. help