10.5.10 is worse than 10.5.05 for my DAW

Hi Martin and everybody,
With 10.5.5 I got no more scratches, and, what is important for me, a better display in the Score and an easier way to change the values: note velocity, the beginning of a note, etc… all in all less weird displays.
The articulation symbols were once again all in their palette while staccato, for instance, was some times missing (no point in the little square). But the articulations are still now not played, at least some of them. I think it’s a bug may be since v. 10.
I had no power consumption with 10.5 or 10.5.5 but now in 10.5.10 it has doubled.
One more problem, I tried to open the plugins manager to see if there was a VST3 version of Vienna Instrument Pro, the window didn’t open and Cubase froze then dropped dead.
Last thing, after some tries I decided to come back to 10.5.5 but though 10.5.5_Update_mac.dmg seemed to install successfully, it is still 10.5.10 …
Please, tell me if I have to uninstall 10.5 .


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

If Cubase crashed, could you attach a crash file, please?

If you want to downgrade, you have to uninstall/delete Cubase. Install the Full Installer and then install 10.5.5 again.


I tried in Cubase Safe Start Mode, maybe too short, I saw nothing special but at a time I opened the plugin manager and Cubase froze. In fact the Mac was frozen too and I had to press Start button to restart the machine.
So I deleted 10.5.10 this morning and downloaded 10.5 full version. Cubase 10.5 crashed once more then I installed the hotfix

I’m totally unable to write one line of code but IMHO I think every part of Cubase is affected because there is this “Metal” by Apple, replacing OpenGL (maybe I’m wrong) that is to blame.

Cubase 10 is rock solid with macOS High Sierra, because it is still OpenGL…but even so I installed a Radeon 580X 8 Go, more or less the cheapest video card of the new MacPro.
Cubase 10.5_2020-02-06-122956_Maczik2.crash (242 KB)
Cubase 10.5_2020-02-04-112052_Maczik2.crash (269 KB)


The crashes are in SSL xrevx64.

Hi, yes they are in 202-02-06 report, but not in the other one.
I added the SSL reverb and it had a weird behavior,I couldn’t tweak the values, then Cubase crashed, but this is just one cause. What about false position of the notes in the Score,
the difficulty to increment/decrement values of velocity, it’s better with the hotfix anyway…
Again in the Score, some articulations are not played each time they should be, in the main window, when there is the score in the low window clicking on the arrow, the shortcut to open the Score Editor leads to crash.
They are so many different examples …