10.5.10 non-responsive/beachball spin on quit.

After working a lot today on 10.5.10… I keep having a recurring issue with Cubase becoming non responsive and beachball spinning on quit. I keep having to Force Quit the program. totally screwed if I chose to “save” on quit, as the program crashes and didnt save to recall on reopen.

Yes this is totally hanging every time on quitting unlike 10.5.5. Aging to force quit always which messes up my system as when re-starting it does not acknowledge the last saved version(s)!!!
Never happened on 10.5.5. Mac Mojave user…

Same issue here! Windows 10 system.

I’m on windows 10 and running cubase 10.0.5, but also getting this hang on exit issue. It’s one of the most annoying bugs in cubase. Very inconvenient. Can’t believe Steinberg are ignoring this issue

Same here on Win10. Hanging and crashing everytime I try to quit either a project or Cubase itself

Same here. Win10

windows users - what is listed in your event log ?
have you tried deleting your preferences (back them up first)
have you tried starting in safe mode.

ideally if you are posting with an issue it’s worth posting more specific details and telling us what you’ve tried to do to fix it

I have now fixed the hanging/spinning beach ball on quitting 10.5.10. :slight_smile:

“Initialising preferences”at Steinberg help centre.

Following their instructions for doing this on my Mojave Mac.

I used their idea of putting an “x” in front of all Cubase folders that are hidden in the user library.

I checked that Cubase was now working and closing properly without crashing.

Then I added a desktop folder so I could easily transfer a copy of my old xCubase10.5 user preferences, console plugins, external plugins, ports, generic controllers, key commands, plugin manager, midi bin etc 1 by 1 to this folder. I would look at the size difference of the file to see if it needed replacing (if I was unsure) and then I would add that into the new Cubase 10.5 folder.

Each time I opened Cubase to check if all was still ok and what I was missing from my own usual setup. Ie: Are my external midi instruments showing up in the studio connections window?

Has taken a couple of hours but was quite fun and a great learning experience. :slight_smile:

I feel I understand the innards of Cubase much better now and really appreciate the power and configuration possibilities of this wonderful program.

Thank you dr for suggesting what to do, which inspired me to look at and follow through on the screen shot I had taken on “Initialising preferences” from Steinberg help centre some days ago!