10.5 Ai & LE upgrades by email?

I’m following a post on facebook that I thought might be a scam with bogus links sent by email.
Posters are raving about upgrades to 10.5 AI and LE from Version 4 or higher.
Here is one of the post to check out–(if allowed - if not search Facebook for Cubase 10 Page)

I tried warning them but some said that others had already “Activated” their upgrades with the emailed codes.

Sounds dicy to me…

Maybe I’ll just contact Steinberg Directly…

I didn’t visit the Facebook site and received the email

The email I got said to copy paste activation code into e-licencer so seemed legit to me but I’ll await others to confirm

I upgraded my AI licenxe to Elements though so not sure what this upgrade would do

Tried it seemed legit as e-licencer said upgrade for AI but as I’d upgraded AI to Elements it said no valid licence to upgrade

i just got the email today for this today and it is legit the email came from the same address as every other offer Steinberg has sent to me i guess they staggered out sending the emails over a period of time is why not everyone got it at the same time

Hi all,

Yep, this is official. We have changed our LE/AI policy. If you have a Cubase AI/LE version 4 or newer and you have subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive an email with a free update activation code. This activation code will update your LE/AI 4 (or higher) license to the all new Cubase LE/AI license that isn’t limited to a specific Cubase generation. User who have activated their Cubase LE/AI after the release of Cubase 10.5 last November have already received the new license.

I hope this helps!



I upgraded one of my Cubase LE 5 to LE 10.5 with the code I got in the email but I would like to also upgrade my second license. How can I get an activation license for the other one?

Best regards, Mattias Sandström

This is an obscure way to provide upgrade licenses. What if - like myself - you are not subscribed to the newsletter? You do have an elaborate web based licensing so this was the place I looked at first - not sure why not just add new licenses there? Strange.

I have Cubase Elements 9.5, i recieved the upgrade email. When I put my new 10.5 activation code in my soft eLicenser it says there is no upgrade license. It is there & it is working becuase I can still use 9.5 with no problems. Anyone know how to remedy this?

cubase elements is a bigger version of cubase than le/ai so the upgrade wont work for it

Thanks sd1989, of course… I’m asleep at the wheel again…

As a newsletter subscriber, I’ve not received this email. Is it just a matter of patience while batches are sent out over a period? Anyone else still waiting? By chance, I’m setting up a new computer for recording so it makes sense to make the cubase upgrade to this machine - eager to do this asap.

I’ve received the code for LE 10.5 and installed LE 10.5, but I got an activation error…“there’s no license to update”…the e-licenser updated to AI 9.5! So I can’t open LE 10.5. I’ve just submitted anew topic about this error.