10.5 AI

I am experiencing LONG load times at start up and crackles on playback too much. I have a Macbook 2 core i7 8 gig ram.
It might be the Kontakt VST stuff… but I dont know. Here is a snapshot of some settings…I can provide more…
what might I do to get things better… I notice one thing here… should I be on 64 processing instead of default 32…??? What else might make it better…? thanks


If you would use 64 but Processing Precision, you would et even higher CPU load then. Your settings seems to be default/standard.

How many NI Kontakt instances do you have in the project? How large the libraries are? Do you use SSD drive?

I changed it to 64 and that fixed the pops. Buffer is 256. If it happens again I will delete Kontakt. Its pretty damn lame for them to sell a cpu
hog product.


Then the pops weren’t most probably because of the CPU usage, but because of the distortion of the internal buses. Interesting…