10.5 cpu spikes / audio drops / slow-downs


I know this is a user-to-user forum. But some of you may know this issue and I just sent this as a ticket to the support :

We are a tiny Cubase group of users, based in France (Paris / Nantes) and we share regularly our tips about the software.
Since 10.5 we all noticed CPU spikes / audio drops / slow-downs that never happened before for such sessions in Cubase 10 or 9.5.

We all now consider to roll back to Cubase 10. Some of us are really consistent in computer optimizations and we can’t find a solution to this issue.

Please consider software optimization as a number one priority for further updates.


Jonathan Ménard : Cubase 10.5.12 / Windows 10 Pro (1909) / Xeon Genuine Intel 2.2 Ghz / 128 Go
Léonard Mule : Cubase 10.5.10 (tried 10.5.12 too) / Windows 10 Pro (1909) / Core i7-4710MQ / 16Go
Rémi de Coudenhove : Cubase 10.5.12 / Mac OS 10.14 / Core i7 / 16Go
Susie Lopez Uroz : Cubase 10.5.12 / Windows 10 Family (1909) / Core i7-4790 / 32Go
Thierry Bedoucha : Cubase 10.5.12 / Windows 10 Pro

Many of us are seeing this same issue. I also have a support ticket open with Steinberg/Yamaha, and I am waiting for a response. This CPU issue is breaking my workflow and making it almost impossible to get into a creative mindset. : /

I think you did right, we have to open as many tickets as we can about this issue. And be patient…
I’m now downloading Cubase Pro 10 to roll back, meanwhile.