10.5 Creating project and recording audio saves wav files to older project's audio folder

Hi there,

creating a new project and recording audio saves wav files to older project’s audio folder.
I do not know whether this is related to my new Cubase version 10.5 or happens with any version.
Am I doing something wrong?
(I am no Cubase expert at all)

Thanks in advance and kind regards

Hi and welcome,

Could you describe exactly, how do you create a new project, please? Or attach a video screen recording to see all details (even those you are not aware of), please.

Hi all, and thanks Martin,

I figured it out - but cannot see the logic behind it.

When I create the project (using File / New project), the option “Use default location” was active. In the entry field “Project folder” on the right side, Cubase used the last project folder and increased the number behind it.
After having created an Audio Track, I chose “Save” (NOT “Save as” (!) ), the the File Svae dialog appears, as this project file (CPR) never was created before (which is correct).
I create a project folder and make up a file name.

What happens, is that the project folder from the project creation dialog is still used, but only for the audio recordings, not for the CPR or for example for the images file (.peak).
a) why would it do that? - seems not logical to me to store the WAV file in another place than the images file (
.peak), which belongs exactly to that audio recording.
b) what would I need to do (after I created the project with a default location and saved the project someplace else) to correct the folder where the recording WAVs are stored to, BEFORE I start recording (so no WAVs in the pool or project browser)

Of course I can take care to use the option “Prompt for project creation” when creating a project, but I not necessarily want to bother with this at that time.

Thanks in advance and kind regards

PS.: my sequence of action was:


  • Start Cubase

  • File, New Project, Empty, Create…, OK

  • Right click, Add Audio Track (Mono, Name MICs), Add track

  • Save as, Create Folder, Save CPR to this folder

  • Record, Sing, Stop

  • Close project

  • Close Cubase completely

  • look for WAV file

Finalizing this topic:
My first statement, that audio files were recorded to audio folders within former projects, was wrong.
Due to my error, the last used project name (for example “MySong”) was still used as a “default”, and thus a NEW project folder named “MySong (1)” was created, which I did not realize before.

My question on how to change the “project folder” for the project lateron was not yet answered, so here my workaround:

  • Situation: CPR is in Folder2 (created from the first Save command), but during the initial project creation, Folder1 was set as “project folder”

CPR is in Folder1, Audio recordings go to Folder2
While Cubase (or at least the project) is closed:

  • move (or for security reasons copy) the audio files from Folder1 to Folder2/Audio
  • rename Folder1 to for example FolderX
  • open the CPR file; (before Cubase would ask for the audio files), Cubase will ask for the (NEW) project folder to be used
  • choose your targeted Folder1 (where your CPR you right now opened exists already)
  • Cubase will find the audio files there in the subfolder audio and won’t complain anymore
  • Save the CPR file
  • DONE

Use the backup function in cubase to separate projects saved to same folder.
Much faster and safer, than doing it manually.

yes agreed with peakae, do a project backup then restore (you’d select a new folder at this point), then you can clear up the audio pool of any unused files, there’s an option in there to do that, as you’re likely to copy audio from the other projects too.

thank you :slight_smile: