10.5 Duplicates of Roomworks presets

Installed 10.5. Now I have duplicates of all Roomworks presets.

How do I remove them?

Same here.

I found a support article on the Steinberg site regarding Groove Agent duplicates which can be deleted but nothing for Roomworks.

Reinstalled 10.0.50 in parallel with 10.5.

Presets OK in 10.0.50. Duplicates in 10.5.



I can confirm this.

UPDATE: This duplication behaviour is not just restricted to Roomworks, but also to a few other Steinberg stock plugins.

Same Here :frowning:

Fixed in 10.5.10

Not totally. I opened up Mediabay and as I scrolled through samples everything suddenly became doubled!

Not happening here, but if it was, it would be a different issue. This one (CAN-26663, DeEsser, RoomWorks and StereoDelay plug-ins showing duplicate factory presets) is fixed.