10.5 elements (WIN) - freezed

Hi All,
i am trying to switch from reaper to cubase but I’m noticing a really annoying problem ( it seems a bug )
Often when i try to change DrumKits in Groove Agent SE, Cubase freezed … this means that:

  • the ui is completely blocked and i can’t do anything
  • if i look in the TaskManager Cubase is flagged as “Not Responding”
  • after a few minutes Cubase unlocks ( not always) and I can continue using it otherwise i need to kill the process

Other Infos:

  • Cubase is running on my laptop, a Dell Xps with i7, ssd, 16gb of Ram
  • on the same laptop is running Reaper without any problems
  • Version of Cubase is 10.5.20 for Win
  • Version of eLicenser is and i run Performance Mainteiner Tasks regularly

Any suggestions?


Make sure you have the latest Groove Agent SE installed. You can download the latest update from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If you have the latest update installed, restart your PC to reset the internal timer, please.

Sorry Martin, but from what i know with Cubase Elements version it is not possible to update Groove Agent SE … you can only update Cubase … am I wrong?


From Steinberg Download Assistant you can download and install the latest Groove Agent SE update.

I will check it better but i cannot see any Groove Agent SE update using the Steinberg Download Assistant…i only see the possibility to download Groove Agent 5.
I have not bought Groove Agent, i’m using the version provided by Cubase 10.5 Elements.


Oh, I’m sorry. That’s the way. Download Groove Agent 5, please, it will update your Groove Agent SE.

Btw, first, you can check in Cubase if you have the latest 5.0.20 update installed.