10.5 is seriously buggy

I’ve been trying to use 10.5 for my work the past two weeks. But I keep having to go back to 10.0.50 because of various bugs and issues, some small and some seriously major and show stopping. In the middle of working, the mouse (Apple Magic Mouse) will suddenly stop responding. When that happens, there’s nothing to do except quit Cubase 10.5 and reboot the Mac because it is not coming back. Other times Cubase 10.5 won’t let me select the location I want to back up the project to. Sometimes Cubase 10.5 simply freezes when selecting any automation. Sometimes Cubase 10.5 won’t let me open a file that was originally saved in Cubase 10.0.50. When I try to open songs done in that, Cubase 10.0,50 starts opening and I have two versions of Cubase although one never finishes and I have to quit both and start again. Once in the middle of a piano recording session, I lost the ability to select where I wanted to start play from. Another time the spinning ball started when I tried to do anything, even just save the file. There are a lot of other bugs and glitches but I stopped writing them down when I had to make excuses to my clients why I was reloading so many times. I actually heard the comment “why aren’t you using ProTools or Logic?”, which I never get. I always hear “wow, you can really work fast in that program. What is it?” This is really bad. Oh yeah, I can’t use the “dark” mode on my Mac because I won’t have any cursor in the Notepad, just a blinking “white” invisible flashing something.

And for the umpteenth time, can somebody please make it so that controller 64 (sustain pedal) “on” and “off” commands can be different colors for ease of editing?

Without sounding ungrateful or edgy, I have to say this release is the most buggy of any version of Cubase or Nuendo I have ever used. In my opinion this one is truly “not ready for prime time”. Somebody in the beta testing department truly dropped the ball on this one.

I wish I would have know this before I made my purchase. I’m ready to ask my reseller if they will give me a deal on Logic. This sucks. My glitchs are twice as much as you mentioned and that apple mouse is the worst.

A few of my clients use Logic (which I came to Nuendo/Cubase from), and one of them is buying me Logic 11. I haven’t used it in years, so I’m sure it’ll take me a sec to get back up to speed. I was an Emagic Pro Endorser and wrote a lot of presets for Logic instruments. I was also intolved in testing the Logic Control and a bunch of their instruments. When Apple bought Emagic and made Logic a Mac-only program (I was using a PC back then) I switched to Steinberg because they were cross platform. Now I use a Mac so it’s not an issue for me.