10.5 menu very erratic.

Wondered if anyone else has this problem.
The menu on the top of pro 10.5 becomes erratic during use? It’s fine at first then all the menus become screwed and some disappear? I was unable to ‘save as’ today, when I selected file from the menu the ‘transport’ menu opens over the file… if I select Audio the help menu opens etc etc… I have to shut Cubase down and re-boot it then it works as normal for about 15 mins and then starts again… :frowning:

Hope some one can help, I upgraded from 10 to 10.5 hoping it would cure the problem but it didn’t :frowning:


I have read similar thread here on the forum already. Please search.

Are you on Windows 10? Do you have the latest Windows update installed? What graphics card do you use? Do you have the latest driver installed? Could you try to use default Microsoft graphics card driver instead?

Hi, yes I’m on Windows 10. I have not changed anything on my computer and Cubase 9 run fine with no issues.
Today I have been working on some new arrangements and Cubase is really playing up… the chord track stopped working and I had the close and reboot (this happened three times). The menu becomes unusable after about 10 mins - so I can’t access the ‘Save as’ unless I reboot, but then I have to save it under the original name :confused:. The time line stopped working twice requiring a reboot…it really is not good… it’s adding too mush time on my working day trying to correct or find work arounds… I then installed it on a brand new MacBook Pro to see if it was any better…but it crashes when I try to import audio… I think the ‘pro’ part needs to be dropped from the name… on the up side, I had Dorito running on my Mac (as I also needed to write a full score of the arrangement, it worked flawlessly…

Oh and a new problem now - when I enter any MIDI date (drums or keyboard parts in the MIDI editor they have the volume off? So now I enter date silently and then have to attenuate each note another problem adding to the time… this project has become a nightmare using Cubase…

I think it’s my graphics card - I’m using a card for two monitors along with the internal for an extra monitor… I disconnected the internal and that seemed to have cured the problems, the bummer is that I’m now a monitor down :confused:


What graphics card do you use? Could you try to experiment with the graphics card driver a bit as I suggested, please?