10.5 plugin selector window mouse wheel scroll slow

when using the mouse wheel in the plugin selector (or in fact any other selector window like track selector), in 10.5 it scrolls only one line at a time whereas in 10 it was a couple of lines (5-6) and thus scrolling through a list with the mouse wheel was much faster. In longer lists it is really tedious now and takes a lot of finder movements to go through.
Is that on purpose? Doesn’t make sense to me as it is not very ergonomic. Imagine scrolling through a web site one line at a time!

This is really getting annoying over time. Everywhere else in Cubase where there is a list, one movement with the mousewheel scrolls down around three lines, just not in the selector windows. In 10, to remove a plugin, i clicked the arrow, scrolled to the top with one swift movement of the mouse wheel and clicked on “no effect”. Now it’s really tedious.