10.5 serious grahpics design error + supporting study

just bought 2 update licenses. All good. But the decision to make the track names white on black with a sharp font is really bad from a visual / UI / Eye fatigue point of view.

  • Font too sharp
  • too much contrast as opposed to previous C10
  • ugly too look at especially in lower lighting / evening conditions

I can see the need of having more contrast as to what channel is selected but this isnt good. Now I will have to workaround it using the notes to label my channels.

Please give us more customization or revert to previous situation. Thanks for checking out my remark!

Excellent! :slight_smile:

The mixer has many graphical issues that need fixing

I’'ll add to the graphics problems in 10.5…Maybe a bug or maybe a “feature” but

… when naming a mixer channel, then hitting “Enter” the naming windows never closes on my Windows 10 set up.

especially when the text wraps to two lines and the white font overlays a light color…

That’s exactly what i thought.
Is there any way to customize eg. remove it ?
It hurts in the eye after a while.

Yep, it’s hard on the eyes, was something that didn’t need changing IMO.

I am a little colorblind so for me it was way better to see the difference between mixerchannels with the full color behind the tracknames instead of now being all black and only a very small stripe of color beneath it.
So for me I liked the old looks before 10.5