10.5 System Requirements

Help! So its been a while since I’ve updated(Cubase 5 to be exact.) I’m a guitarist with an analog mind so most on these niceties that Steinberg adds are lost on me. That said I decided I’d update to 10.5. So, first thing I did was to update from windows 7 to 10. From there, to make sure I’d even like it I went to download the 10.5 trial version. When I went to install it I got a message 10.5 is not compatible with my system. I’ve been waiting on an answer from Steinberg Support but the time it is taking is reminding me why I stopped using Cubase at all. So at the very least it looks like my processor doesn’t cut it? I’m just a bit surprised because while it isn’t the most recent, it ain’t that old. So my question is does updating to 10.5 mean a new processor and a board?
My processor is an AMD fx™-8320 eight-core processor; board is ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3


A 4 year old Intel will always do, but you have 4 year old AMD that’s is a completely different story? So yes, quite possible that this will not do for 10.5 Cubase? Todays Ryzen’s are fine. Older AMD’s may not be powerful enough?

I am running 10.5 pro on a similar processor to yours with few problems other than Windows updates which can mess a few things up from time to time. I am careful with heavy plugins and keep my latency up a bit, but otherwise its still a cracking good system, been running since 2014. I make archive back ups of every project daily and ghost my system SSD once a month.

The largest project I have run in recent times had 135 instances of Softube Console 1. Around 100 audio channels and lots of plug ins and VSTis. It was a little tight, but ran in real time without issues. So, if your system is in good shape, it should be able to handle 10.5 pretty well. Sure, new generations of AMDs will be better, but my system is a stable workhorse which I use all day every day.