10.5 upgrade on Desktop after laptop

I think I goofed by installing my the full 10.5 download without installing 10 Pro on my Win 10 Desktop that has 8.5 on it first.
elicense ( no license to upgrade from…)

Should I uninstall 10.5 before installing 10? (and THEN upgrading)


Have you bought a license for 10.5? Have you put the license on the E lIcenser?

10.5 is its own app compared to 10.0 version. Just install 10.5 if you have the license on the licenser for it

You MUST have the license on the e licenser for the version you want to run there. All your previous versions of Cubase will still run under a 10.5 license as well. I run 9.5 , 10.0, 10.5 here BTW

Yes I did. I was already using it on the laptop. But I hadn’t upgraded 8.5 to 10 Pro on the Desktop yet. dumb - I know.
I’m thinking I should plug the elic back into the laptop and run the maintenance tool.

Then install 10.pro on the desktop and activate it
But …should I uninstall 10.5 (full) before I do…?

I forgot to mention I got the free upgrade to 10.5 from 10

No need to uninstall anything. YOUR LICENSE IS ON THE E-LICENSER, IF you put it on there. Installations are a completely different thing . IF you dont have the license on the e licenser , it wont run, simple

IF you have Activated your License on the e licenser you are good to go with CURRENT Cubase and any PREVIOUS VERSIONS of Cubase, the license covers CURRENT and BACKWORDS

If you’ve got 10.5 installed and you have a license to run 10.5 on a dongle attached to that computer - Then you are done & can use 10.5.

The only reason to install 10.0 is if you would like to run it on the same computer as 10.5

Yep. Got it now. 2nd PC activation is not necessary because it’s IN the USB Key