10.5 Upgrade

are there any issues importing projects from older versions?
I upgraded from 8 to 10.5.
also when I got 8 it had been loaded on the computer I bought. Now with 10.5 everything is black and white, is that the default coloring?

thank you in advance!

Regarding color, yeah they went for a dark GUI since 8. :cry:

Older Projects should open fine with a few caveats. If the older Project is using 32-bit plugs those won’t be available in C10.5. Some folks like using J-Bridge to access these. And the classic way to deal with it is to render Tracks to Audio using C8 so you don’t need the plug-in anymore.

Also keep C8 loaded for awhile in case you need to access something specific. You can even open a C10.5 Project in C8, make changes, save it and then reopen in C10.5.

thank you for your help!

I’m having trouble seeing / finding quantizing functions, it’s checked in the list but I don’t see it. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP.