10.5 Video not loading

Hello. My issue is about videotrack. The video are not loading…only audio. Something about the frame. DO I have to install some video codecs? Or Movie Player?

" Project - Video frame rate mismatch: Project30.00 fps, Video 23,98 fps"

May be you should change FPS setting in Project Setup from 30 to 23,98.
Or just hit the “Get Frame Rate From Video” box (also in Project Setup).

Just in case: to call a Project Setup dialogue press Shift+S :slight_smile:


I’m using Cubase 10.5 AI. When I try and import a video file, nothing happens.

I’m having the same issue with 10.5 pro. I notice when I select the video file there is a small dialog box at the bottom that gives the message “Invalid or not supported file”. The file is AVI which is supposed to be supported. I then converted the file to MPEG 4, but it still says not supported.

What gives?

I am having exactly the same problem, was this issue solved and, if so, how??

I hope it’s MP4 you converted, and not MPEG-4.

The best is to download ER Media Toolkit or any video converter that lets you convert to pro formats. Convert your videos to PRO RES format.


Thanks mate, that did the trick, now I can spend some lockdown time creating some videos!!!

Thanks again!!!