10 Bugs (or lack of knowledge) and Feature requests...hopefully!

Hi guys,

I have 10 “issues” with Dorico so far (Nr 10 being my nemesis!), but it would be nice if someone could advise me of a solution OR if it might be considered for an update. ALSO, I think the “Short-cut Key” menu item in Help is out of date as there as Shortcuts NOT listed on THAT list.

  1. Adjust spacing between two lines of words: If one has “molto espress.”…with “molto” on top of “espress.”…roughly like this:


It will be great to adjust the spacing between these two words to narrow up or make larger.

  1. How to Hide objects in Dorico, like rests…

  1. Give the ability to add my own words like: “sempre.”, “colla coce” in the Tempo Panels AND to be able to add those words in those small buttons so that I can add them to ANY other Tempo word in the Tempo panel eg to create “Piu allarg”…maked in red. (See Pics)
    Tempo Panel2.JPG

  1. Create a Movie Window to sync a Film Score to Dorico…add all timestamps, markers, VSTs, MIDI data changes (in the PLAY" Tab and the select Export to Cubase 9 Elements" to further enhance the Mock-up for my clients. When I imported it into Cubase, Cubase should set up the VSTs, Tracks, add all MIDI data from the import, add the Movie and set all timestamps and markers.

I will forever be a STEINBERG FANBOY!!!

  1. IF POSSIBLE create a “screens” shot movie to create a lesson for my students where they can see my face in the corner, Keys I press, and hear the music and my narration. Professional software like “Camtasia Studio 9” is WAY out of the budget…even for the Military…and it is for THEIR Military Band students (who was underprivileged during the Apartheid years, that I have to teach them freely all my knowledge. I now just need the tools without pirating it because I HATE pirate software…and as I’m not an IT specialist in the Military, I am not allowed t install software…I’m only a user! So, how does one get Bill Gates or Trump to donate 10 MS Surface Pro 4’s to the SA Navy? :wink:

  1. Respelling of Chords in a stave:

Say for instance I have a Piano part and (in the Treble Staff) I have a triad [key has 5 flats) - from bottom to top - F,Ab & Db (Db maj tonic) but Dorico notated it as F,G# & C#…YUCK!

Is there a way my genius programming friends at Dorico could create a “Toggle” key that would provide ALL the different combinations of that chorf like: Eb,Ab 7 C# or Eb, G# & Db or F,Ab or Db etc?

Currently, when I press Alt± or Alt+= the WHOLE chord gets respelled all at once…that is quite useless as normally only ONE note is spelled incorrectly…please…:wink:


It would be GREAT if one could draw curves for “Velocity”, “Volume”, “Tempo” and 5.1 Panning in the PLAY TAB. (Free upgrade of course :wink: )
a) I LOVE using velocity as it makes Brass Instruments sound from “mellow” (around 50) to very brassy (around 127);

b) Volume curves (envelopes) (that automates the movement of the controllers in the mixer), is far better than setting up the mixer only as I find that when I have eg Shostakovich Festive Overture in my score, I usually set my Mixer at the loudest part, because then I have the balance of the Orchestra set quite well. But there are times (as velocities changes), that these mixer setting needs adjustments to reflect the “Mello” Trumpet for example, which was just blowing the roof off the theatre. NOW the trumpet is so soft I hardly can hear it, which needs a mixer adjustment. MIDI curves will do NICELY here!

c) Panning and 5.1 Channeling: I think HALion can handle 5.1 channels. But if not…EWQL can…and I would like to assign 6 separate channel to instruments…which could be imported into Cubase. What is the use of composing in Dorico a Film score in Stereo, having ALL the music perfect and then exporting it to Cubase where I have to re-assign instruments to 6 channels?

Hans Zimmer uses Cubase and pen & paper to write his scores…but that was BEFORE Dorico. He had to get copyists to take his Cubase mock-ups and import it into either S or F :-/ Then those copyists had to create “Publisher quality” printouts for the orchestra. With Dorico!!! WOW…the world is your oyster if you compose for Film. Instead of recording straight into a DAW…first to it like us real musicians (John Williams etc) do it…in NOTATION form (import it into a DAW to play the mock-up to the Director and Executives) and THEN give the already publisher quality notation to musicians without the need of Copyists! (Let me make it clear…Hans Zimmer is my most favourite composer. I am just saying what he admitted that he had no FORMAL theoretical training. He records his beautiful music into a DAW and leave the notation to those who know) :slight_smile:

  1. Is there a way you could write an algorithm to automatically CAPITALISE COMPOSER’s NAMES when entered into the score. I don’t know, but maybe I am still old school where Composer’s name was written in Capitals and arangers in Normal Caps.

Perhaps there could be a setting for those who disagree???

  1. As we already talked about making the “Transport Window” (and Movie Wibow eventually) “always-on-top” :wink:



I read everywhere that the shortcut key for moving notes up/down an Octave is Alt+Str+UP arrow or down arrow.

SERIOUSLY…am I the ONLY person on earth that uses Window 10? ALT+CTR+Arrow keys rotate my screen clockwise and anti-clockwise! THESE key sequences are used by WINDOWS OS to rotate the screen. Any other Combinations that I could use? :-/

Thanks guys.

Re: 10
Make your own key command, Prefs, Key commands.

Re: 1 Leading
I have been selecting the second word, then changing Baseline shift in the text options.
There might be a better way to do this, but I saw no leading option (as you would normally use) at the time and so kept on working with this method.

Dear Hans,

Regarding your second point : Daniel made it clear that he did not want Dorico to be full of workaround things, like hiding anything because it should not be there. There are actually many musical objects that can be “hidden” — Remove Rests, Measure markings, Dynamics (through the properties panel)
You might need to be more specific about the objects you wish to hide. Maybe there is a clean way to achieve your goal, or maybe it could be a good idea for the developers.

For the third point, you really might want to input those markings the Dorico way : through the popovers. Those panels are heavy, they cannot have ALL the words we find in the litterature, but it is SO EASY to have what you need writing it in the popover…

The leading option is in the paragraph styles dialog. You can choose the paragraph style of a text object in the top left corner of the small menu that shows when you edit the text. You could specify a paragraph style that fits your needs in terms of line spacing and select this style for your text objects. (It would be nice if we could access the leading option from the small menu too.)

Thanks fkretlow that is good to know. I hardly ever need to do this so never made a style from it to check.

#8: SA Keyboards do not have a Caps Lock key?

Number 7 would be great. The ability to draw a tempo curve would be particularly welcome - by me, if no one else.