10 line staff

Would it be possible to create something like a scala decemlinealis by changing something in instruments.xml? (No need for 5 clefs, only a C clef would be fine.)


I experimented a bit and got an 11-line staff looking correct, but you get a transposing instrument (a 7th up, as seen in this screenshot):
Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 11.00.18

Where do you want Middle-C to be?

Would love to have it as in the first picture (5th line from the top).

Ok, I will try and get this working. I may have to create one of my Clef hacks. I’ve never tried it on a non 5 line staff so not sure how it will work.

That would be great!

Sorry, I can’t get this to work. I can get the Clef aligned correctly but the tuning of the staff will not match on anything other than a 5 line staff.

Yes… thanks for taking the time to try this!

What about this?

I put in a fancy-looking clef, no idea what should be there. This is just a piano with the minimum gap set to -20 spaces (so it’ll never try to avoid collisions), and the ideal gap set to 1 space. I removed the braces and hid the final barline.

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Good work, Dan. I had thought about that but haven’t had the time to check it out yet. I’ll see if I can get the Clef working with this idea.

Ok, I took the Strings sketch instrument instead of Piano since your posted pic indicated Strings. I created an Invisible Bass Clef with a Doricolib file and put that on the lower staff. I put a Soprano C Clef on the upper staff. This seems to work. You don’t need the Doricolib file installed once the custom Clef is added to the Project file. If this works for you, I can provide it if you like.

Decem.dorico (439.6 KB)

Craig, you do know you can input an invisible clef? Shift-C, invisible, Enter.

Yes, but that will be a Treble Clef tuning. Using a Bass Clef tuning, notes can be entered into the lower staff. Sure, you could put all the notes into the upper staff but then you have to hide all the ledger lines or make them thinner in Engraving Options. Being able to use both staves simplifies everything, at least to me.