+10 or -10 Midi Cc no... function for Logical editor

+10 or -10 Midi Cc no…x. function for Logical editor , can anyone help which how a script a function to turn up or down Midi CC by + or - 10



Could you give an example, what do you want to achieve, please?

Do you want to change the value of given MIDI CC or the MIDI CC Number?

Yes , I would like to Create a keyboard short cut for Cc 11 , 1 and 7 … to add or subtract + - 10 or sometime like that


The LE preset below should do it - assign a Key Command to it. I used the factory preset that copies CC1 from Channel 1 to 2 as a starting point. The tricky part is getting the circled item to appear - it is actually shown as “Value 1” in the selection menu.


Use the Logical Editor, @raino sent. Just change the Parameter 1 to you target MIDI CC (I.e. 11, 1 and 7), please.

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Thats odd , I can’t find those items I did look …

got it , Thank you