10 things I really NEED in Cubase.

1. Chord-notes audio feedback in key editor (CTRL+LMB) for multi-part notes.

When there are more than one notes that begin at the same time in the key-editor, and you press Control+Left Mouse Button on one of them, an audio feedback sounds from all of them. You can hear the chord. Sadly that doesn’t happen when these notes are from different midi-parts. The only way to hear them is through playback. This is extremely time consuming.

2. Simultaneous note expression editing on multi-part notes.

I always dreamed a day where I could edit the Modulation of multi-part notes in the key-editor without needing to switch parts. Note-expression is a great way of at least seeing the modulation of all the notes at the same time. Editing them ALL at the same time would also save me a huge amount of time.

3. Custom Instrument Tracks.

I need to be able to combine any midi-track with any vst-output track to make an instrument track.

4. Note expression audio feedback for multi-channel midi parts.

Expression-map editor gives us the ability to change the midi-channel of the notes per articulation. This is a great way to make custom key-switches with samplers like Kontakt. Sadly when I edit the note-expression on a note with the pencil tool in the key-editor, I can only hear the audio-feedback from the first channel’s instrument. It should give an audio feedback of the instrument that is connected to the note’s midi-channel.

5. Precedence time for key-switch notes in expression map editor.

I want to be able to adjust how much sooner will the key-switching note will be send to the VSTi, in order to make sure that it never misses the switching.

6. Mix-Console snapshots independent of automation.

Right now mixer-snapshots delete any existing automation. This renders it useless, at least for me.

7. Midi-channel lanes cleanup.

a. Stop changing the data background. It makes the project seem like a piano-roll and it’s confusing.
b. Stop showing the initial data in two places. It’s also confusing. The initial data should stay where they where, and under it should open ONLY lane two.
c. Open only lanes that I need, not an extra one.

8. Custom black-notes color in key-editor’s background.

I had to make the background whiter because I could not see the black note’s lanes. I need to be able to change their color.

9. Ability to drag the project overview square.

Right now I can only select with the pencil the area that I want to see. I want to be able to move it left and right without changing the time-resolution, lets say by pressing the control key at the same time.

10. Unbound group-editing.

I want to be able to state that these midi parts are in a group, and should open for editing together when I click them, regardless of what folder they are in, or when they begin, or how long they are.

That’s a lot, in Reaper you probably can create scripts for all of those

I agree with #8…the black notes are not dark enough to be easily seen in the key editor.

For the number 6 it only deletes automation of new inserts. Volume and automation of inserts that do not change between snapshots remain intact.