100% CPU load UAD Spark

After the last update UAD Spark Pluggins from January 18th, 2023 I have 100% cpu load without the uad spark plugins being inserted into the DAW.

  1. All UAD Spark Pluggins Installed
  2. Start Cubase.
  3. New Empty Project
    Result => High Cpu Load (100%)

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you on Mac or Windows, please? Do you have the chance to install an older version of the plug-ins to test it by any chance?

Are you sure you don’t use any plug-in in the Control Room (monitor) bus by any chance?

THX for welcome :slight_smile:

Windows 10 (latest updates)
no chance to install the old Pluggin versions by UA Connect App
No Pluggin’s inserted in the Controllroom.

Apparently I’m not the only one. there are similar reports in the Reaper (DAW) forum.


I’m sorry for that. Then it will be fixed soon hopefully.

Yes, hope so.

I did everything I could do. Opened a Ticked at UAD, reinstall all UAD Spark. A few dozen tests… Phew. These new “in the box” studios are just as exhausting as the old ones.

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You have installed the UA connect app or uninstall it after updating?

Check if there is any update for the spark plugins. I had a similar issue

I can’t prove it 100% it is related

For chance I noticed that I had UAD updates |both spark and UAD hardware versions|, while struggling with strange spikes by cubase since a couple of days

I usually uninstall the UA connect app after updating, so I noticed these updates by email

Anyhow, I reinstalled the UA connect app, updated the plugins [I have everything from Spark] and uninstalled it

Opened Cubase and everything was gone

Next update I will report if there’s a relation. I suspect yes, because of Cubase 12’s licensing check…

After noticing the problems with UAD Spark, I reinstalled the UAD Spark.

I now check daily for UAD updates.

Could of course be a network problem with the Cubase license check. But you don’t know exactly. The CPU problems with Spark are also discussed in the Reaper (DAW) forum.

One user has tested it on Apple, runs smoothly. Seems to be a Windows problem?

I have similar issues.

Spark updated to latest version.

One thing is that it seems like plugins are not released after closing the current project so the CPU load remains the same even if there are no plugins loaded and no project active.

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It’s getting better for me lately, but this Cubase 12 it’s still a nightmare for stability. I have to open projects with C11 sometimes, for using certain plugins [Arturia, XLN Retro and DS10]


I suspect that the latest Spark update has something bigger than other, it seems that I can’t use the plugins if I uninstall the UA connect app after this. So I am keeping it.

Can’t be sure as I didn’t do any scientific test, so don’t trust my words 100%. I don’t “risk” tests as I see that the system is working. Who grow up on Windows with 20 USB devices and 10 midi hardwares knows what I mean :sweat_smile:

Can’t say it’s everything 100% smooth now, but it’s getting better than a couple of weeks ago.

Let’s hope…