11 yearl old Cubase 5/VST and now a dilemma

I want to install Cubase 5/VST on my newer Windows 7 64 bit computer. I’ve read the forums about breaking the old printer dongle and sending the picture in to get an activation code for a USB-elicenser. I also know that it’s not officially supported on this platform but I’ve heard it will work and figured I would give it a try. I originally installed it on a Pentium 4 computer and then about 7 years installed it on an Athlon dual 64x computer. The problem I have is that when I installed it on those 2 computers there was no license involved, I just registered it and hooked up the printer dongle and everything worked fine. Now that I want to install it on the newer computer I always get asked for my license…which I never got or needed until now. I’m afraid to destroy the dongle because I don’t know how to prove that I’m the original owner. Does Steinberg keep on file old registrations like this so that I can get a currently needed license? I still have Cubase on my old computer side by side with my new one and it still works OK on the old computer but it’s a hassle to have to switch to the old machine to access the old Cubase .all files and that computer probably won’t last much longer. I have a lot of old stuff in .all form that I would like to work with. I’m aware of the work around of installing older SX3,SL3,SE3 to convert .all files to .cpr files but again when I tried to do this it asked for my license for the Cubase 5/VST. I’m willing to purchase a newer version of Cubase like Elements but I still have the problem of converting the .all files to the current format. Any suggestions?

A license was involved. It’s in the dongle. It doesn’t matter whether you were the original owner or not. The fact that you have it means to you have the license.

I never had to register my Cubase VST 5/32 to get it working on any machine. I usually don’t bother registering any products unless I’m forced to.

I’ve never heard of breaking the printer port dongle, that just sounds wrong somehow. I’d be willing to send a picture of my old dongle, but not break it. And I was under the impression that a new version of Cubase grants you the license to use lesser version, so I’d THINK that means you don;t need to be breaking your old dongle ? …that is if you’re partial to it.

I get the concept, thanks. So I’ll swallow hard, break the printer dongle, send them the pic, buy an USB-elicenser & hope they send my the activation code I need to get on with the e-license world. I hope this works because I’m screwed after breaking the printer dongle

The second announcement in this forum goes over the process. I suppose it’s so there’s not 2 dongles out there with one license.